Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Your Social Activity


Once I saw this statistics and figured out how social networks important for our sites promotion. People say If you stay out networks you absent everywhere. So I decided to help you in your site promotion by social networks presence on your site.

I’m just reviewing good supported plugins, I mean, even if the plugin is quite popular, but had not updated this year, it is a trash.


Facebook widget

Facebook Widget

This plugin shows a miniature of Facebook page on your site in a little widget. This is very light-weight and easy to configure plugin, one of the most simple but qualitative plugins I saw.

After downloading, go to AppearanceWidgets – find Facebook Page Like Widget and make some customization: insert your Facebook ID and URL, data to show, widget size and etc, save changes and here it is on your site – beautiful and useful.

Also this plugin is an open source project.

Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook feed

Awesome plugin full of parameters for your perfect customization: size and look of the widget, to show/hide the data, post layouts and styles, like box parameters, different typography parameters. Besides, you can choose the post types to show (Statuses/ Events/ Photos/ Videos/ Links/ Albums).

Pro version of this wonderful plugin will cost from $49 per year.



WhatsHelp Chat Button

Despite on Whatsapp popularity, only some plugins on the market are integrated with this interesting service. There is the one you may like. Actually, it’s not only for Whatsapp but for 10 more different messengers. So, Whatshelp made this widget for people who want to collect a few messengers in one button and place it on the site.

After plugin is installed, you need to go to their site and customize your button there: you choose any of 10 messengers you like to have on your site. Then elect color, position, icon of your messenger button, generate code and paste it on the plugin settings page.

You’ll start to use this button for free and will provide the honest pay when the number of your contacts grow up – then it will cost from $29/month – up to 1,000 contacts.


One of YouTune widgets, YouTube Channel Gallery, I mentioned in my previous review.


YouTube plugin

The next one is a plugin for YouTube feed by EmbedPlus Team. You can spend some time to configure plugin parameters, but after that your video player will look very well. I think it’s a great that provides responsive view by default.

Another great thing is security measures provided by this plugin “protects against malicious third-party JavaScript being injected into your page and hijacking control of your YouTube player.”

It’s very easy to paste video on your site page or post by special button, inserted into WP Editor.

But you can gain much more functions and features with buying a Pro version, it’s cost begins at $19.99.


Instagram feed WD

Instagram Feed WD

The easy-to-install plugin will show your Instagram activity on any page of your site. For this you just need to paste shortcode in the text editor of your post post. Or PHP code (to paste it into footer or header, for example). Actually, very little interesting features are accessible for free, but if you always need more, just buy a pro version of the plugin to get what you need.

You can use in for free or buy extra features for $25 per 6 months.

Instagram Feed

Instagram feed

Another very popular WordPress plugin to show Instagram photos. There are so many parameters, that you may become puzzled when you see them at the first time. I bet a dollar it’s higher your expectations?))) But finally, they provide you ability to get the beautifully looking widget on the front-end of your site.

Most of the free version settings are enough for this purpose, but to get a carousel for Instagram photos and over extra settings, you have to pay over $39 per one year. Already interesting?


Instagram Gallery

Instagram gallery

Simple, but nice Instagram feed plugin will show your photos in a gallery as well as in slider or carousel view. You can generate shortcode and paste it into your post or insert its PHP code in your site code (sure, if you know how to make it). Very modernlooking and awesome plugin right for your most strict requirements.

WoW! Additionally, it’s totally open source project, so you may use it as you wish.


Click to tweet

Better Click To Tweet

This original plugin will paste some text passages to share it with Twitter subscribers. Your visitors just need to click on this quote to share. This block with the quote can be fully customized if you know CSS. I advise to follow the detailed installation and settings instructions on the plugin developer site.

This project is an open source, thus it’s allowed to be used for free – specially for you.

Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter feeds

This plugin can help you to illustrate your Twitter’s posts as standard, masonry or carousel view, but the only standard view is available for free verision. Even though free version allows you to customize many required settings for a better view.

Nevertheless I think it is the most interesting plugin of all Twitter plugins I saw.

It’s pro will cost you from $39 for 365 days.

Six in One

Feed them social

Feed Them Social

One of the most awesome plugins to realize such needs is Feed Them Social. This plugin will help you to add feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vine and Pinterest to your site by a shortcode.

It will take some time to configure this app – add your social profiles, customize your feed view. Since you do that you’ll get a non-stop networks updates on your site. Besides, you may check demos of these feeds on their site.

It is over $40 per year.


I tried to find the best plugins for your social network activity, with good responses and at an affordable cost. Every site looks much alive, when you see there some activity, not only posts I mean, but some presence in social networks.

What’d you say about your site revitalization? Have you used some other wonderful plugins to keep your visitors in the loop of your life on different networks?

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