Time Estimations Of Building Your Site Personally

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It’s one of the most important questions in web development. And no one can tell you exact time estimations, only average numbers. But this time period is much longer than you expect.

It’s very hard to take into consideration all that different factors which get in the way of website launch. You may spend much time thinking about your project only. And you may talk on the phone with your client for 40 minutes instead of 5. As well, fixing variable bags may take much time too.

Typically it takes 3-4 month to make your website “alive”, but it depends on your experience. You have to spend about 2 weeks for design, then about 2 weeks for development and about 4 weeks to make some modifications.

If you just newbie it’s a bad idea to try building some big websites personally. But using WordPress is a guaranteed way to build your website faster.

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Even though the site you built is very important it’s not difficult to set up WordPress site. It takes around 10-15 minutes to install plugins for your site. If you don’t have big budget and much time, but want your website look professional you can make your own design or use one of the numerous beautiful WordPress themes. There will be definitely the one theme that exactly suits your needs. Theme customization and some other things will take about few hours. So in fact you can launch your site in just 3-4 hours of work. Also you can find designer and then start custom theme building which should take about a month or so.

It totally depends on your knowledge about WordPress. If you have a good knowledges and all your resources are ready, for example logo, content and PSD, then you can make it in 2 days only. If the website has many webpages then it will take a little more time.

A really hard work is to get powerful traffic to your website to make it beneficial.

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