Best Sending Frequency For Every Type Of The Newsletter

In the middle ages, our ancestries, as history book says, were a such romantic persons, that they used to send letters only once a month to one person. And the thoughts begin to assume the probability of purchase by mailing was as little as zero. Now the frequency of selling abilities of sending mails are growing as quickly as Jack’s beans. Most of teapot may think: “The more I mail the more I will get!” Sure, yes, but not. Actually, statistic says, that after from 5 till 7 newsletters your send to one person the purchase may happen. And the more qualitative content the more money it can bring. So frequency of Newsletters mail caused a huge marketing research.

As far as logic works, UK Direct Marketing Association’s provided the 2015 National Client Email report to see how many letters other marketing companies send.

As it shown, the average monthly contacts for an email address has decreased in contrast with last year. And the popular quantity is still from 2-3 times and 4-5 times a month.

Every Subscribers list is individual, and some people like to get lots of mails every day, just to feel they are important, some people want to have a little due to not to feel spammed every morning. The proper variant is to make own Statistic exploration with Newsletter by Supsystic. It allows you to track quantity of Sent, Opened, Unique Opened and Clicked Newsletters in graph and analyse your one or another Newsletter success. For ex., when quantity of Opened emails is bigger than Unique Opened, it means, that your Newsletter was interesting enough to return to it later and open it again and again. Or if Sent letters are less than in your Subscribers List, it means not everybody had received your Newsletter.

Also the sending frequency related to types of Newsletters. You may to blog with latest news, and make several Newsletters with various time sending options and there are people who want to see fresh news from you every day. That’s why Newsletter Dynamic Content in Temblate Builder are as requisite as air we breath.

Or you have paid online course, that needs to comply with the methodology of remembering the material, thus you need a very specific timing for your Newsletters. To reach the need frequency, like

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • immediately

Use Newsletter Configuration Settings.

In these cases Marketing researches will work only if you are selling the product or service of your site.

So usage of Newsletter inbuilt statistic will help you to determine the perfect frequency of sending appropriate Newsletter for concrete needs for each of your Subscriber Lists. Create responsive Newsletters with intuitive Template Builder and it’s profitable feature – Dynamic content. And then Configure your mailing settings related to Subscribers requests, based on personal statistic research, successfully with Newsletter by Supsystic!

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