Screen Capture Tools For Your WP Video Channel

There are many reasons why to begin using screen capturing software. It’s perfect for making tutorials, video lectures, record your screen to show something essential and awesome about your work and studying explanations. Video Capturing Software has a lot of other options, like editing picture, adding audios and buttons and many others.

These are was organized in the following list to let you elect one, that will suit all future need. Here you can also find very different software, on any operation system taste and expenses. Ones that are for Mac or Windows only, or even on Linux will work good. Surely, good and popular software must be free or almost cheap, but then it will not have some useful features and will possess some limits.



This app allows to record the screen, edit video and screencast for Mac. Besides, yo have ability to record iPhones, iPads small screens and even on Apple TV. You can easily create tutorials with it – awesome clicking effects will help to create memorable video for all of your students and followers. For example: multi-channel audio, annotations, highlights, texts. What can be better for beginner then intuitive interface and how to instructions? Or graphics, titles, and logos animation can drive you bananas brighter? The app includes publishing options and closed-caption support.

It costs 99$.


Quick Time

Allows you to provide cropping, resizing, compression, creating musical slideshows., convert images, purchase Pro features through free version of the software. The app includes capture of audio and video streams, YouTube sharing feature, GPU acceleration, file conversion and live streaming. besides you can adjust the protection from copying DVD’s.

Costs 30$.

Screen Recorder

Screen recorder

This program is made by Icecream Apps keeps up working on Windows and Mac. It can capture any part of your screen as video or screenshot – always up to you. Also it keeps history of arrows and figures you were adding, painting and typing on your screenshot, thus you can return to any part of your production. App allows you to establish timer for screen capturing, make audio configuration and record needed zone near your mouse.

Costs 30$.



It’s child of Synium Software can capture screen from the smallest ones on iOS to Huge Macs. You can make unreal smoothy effects due to it’s ability to recording 60 shots in one second on custom setted size – full screen or only it’s the needed part. Adding text, effects, audio, animations, smart zooming, transitions and cutting features are also included. It allows to combine using screen capturing with your web cam to get full vision of what’s going on in your video or make it unique comparing with others. Share all your art to Vimeo, Flick, YouTube and Facebook.

Costs 50$.



TechSmith team made it to be simple in use for both most popular system Windows and Mac users. Record the screen, shot your screen, change images look, produce and share ready works. Mark up options can simplify and decorate your video appearance. Making videos processes are available even for iOS and Android, then after it, you can send video from mobile to the editor and continue editing there. Moreover you can explore scrolling feature to show more then others to surprise your followers. Panoramic and multiple types of scrolls will be fully under your control.

Costs 50$


Software that allows you to capture the screen and serve good and even sometimes play unexpectedly essential role in your online life. This List of some most common screen recording programs may help you to choose the one most suitable for your professional or personal demand. Have a good luck.

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