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Everybody is talking around about popup utility for site. But what do you know about intrusive advertisement? Maybe only that obsessive ads may irritate. What do you know about luxury service? It always on time and has good propositions and works in the same way as popup, but with small different kinds of timing and asking questions. Actually luxury service is base on Social researches, that allows to predict customers behavior. You can explore popup tips in your site life too.There is time trigger option – When to show Popup – in Supsystic Popup to adjust the same luxury pleasant Popup for you site.

Time delay

Time Delay

Let’s start with the notions to make everything clear in the beginning. What does “When to show popup” function? It allows to set the time for popup to appear in front of the site visitor. Here is the variant to set for popup to show after site guest spent some time on your site – When page loads delay for X seconds. Every site has it’s own overage time for users to hang on for content. To choose the perfect time for when to show popup look at this time, deduct 10 seconds and set in delay. So, right 10 seconds before the visitor decide to leave your site, you make ask or propose him/her very nice specials.

Don’t disappoint if new guest stay at your site only for a several minutes and then leave, they are just persons, who are interesting in something else and in most cases will be a weak subscribers anyway.

Exit from Site

Also you can use more tricky option of “When to show Popup” – On Exit from Site. There are situations, when you may need to show your popup for everybody who leave the special page.

Click a link

If you have plenty of interesting offers and don’t know how to show them to visitors politely, try to divide them for different menus. Then, in “When to show Popup” set “On Link Follow”, choose appropriate menu link. It will be suitable, for ex., for those who interested in product A now can register and buy it with discount.

Experiments make you successful

Your Experiments

Want popup to raise you optin rate and still feel scary with it’s implementation on the site? We have a perfect solution for you. Every ad agency knows it like unique,polite variant of the ad and the one that doesn’t take place on the site and the close settings maybe easily adjusted. Feel curious? Here comes the When to show Popup – after Scrolling the window. It is both wonderful and nice. One guy tried it just as an experiment for blog article and found the growth of optin rate up to 10% in one week! Only imagine it! Who knows, maybe you will have more.

What is your site parameters after setting up the Popup?

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