Optimal Send Time For Your Newsletters

Once upon a time in one magic kingdom a closed shop with watches hang a sign: “Whenever we open it will be in time”. Everybody wants to be in time, no matter where we planned to be. nevertheless while we are winking, we are already late. How about to try till the result will be reached? The World belongs to those who makes decisions and act.

So, down from a mall straight to the ball. Speaking about sending mails to customers or subscribers, you may think about most comfortable and suitable time for it – so it must be something like when user opens his e-mail and your letter is the first screen and not under the other responders.

The superlative time for your Newsletter to be sent hangs upon lots of aspects like your theme, subscribers favours and needs, branch of industry, construction of the letter and so on. Reality is rather strict – everything needs testing. There are some ideas for your to test and gain more and make Newsletter Statistics work on you properly.

Morning runs the day, early morning rules the day

The same thing Marketing Experiments team decided to check. They adjusted the Newsletter to send mail invitation not at 9am, but at 6am and it showed good results. They didn’t stop and sent letters on 4 hours earlier than before.
Send test newsletters at 2 a.m. had a greater parameters then sent newsletters at 9 a.m. – the open rate increased on 3% and CTR increased on 1%!

Try a new time for your mailing, to test the waters, but don’t forget about geo timing. Divide your subscribers on timing Subscription lists to provide a pure experiments with a real results and adjust Automated Newsletters for personal comfort.

No game, no life

One online game company, fixed the smallest attendance since Tuesday till Thursday, and wanted to rate it up. The management decided to look through the time for every user to subscribe on this resource. Then the letter with exclusive purpose was send in Tuesday for whose who signed up in Tuesday and so on vs simple group mailing fantastic data was get. The first group response rate grew up to 80%!

Test the same trick for your Subscription Lists. In it’s Settings Tab you can find Users Sign up date and get benefit from this.

What holidays suits best for customers to use your product?

Most of courses teach us to send Newsletters at standard time like in the morning when everybody does it or in the evening. There was one original skin care company manager, who decided to ruin stereotypes and sent more personal propositions for B2B market at 2pm on Wednesday and for B2C market at 10am on Saturdays before Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

After last year and nowadays results was compared, everybody was shocked – as so the company made emphasized on appropriate segment in best time for sales it made significant changes for every parameter of the previous year list:

For Christmas:

  • CTR flown on 227%
  • Open rate raised on 121%
  • Conversion rate grown on 87%

For Valentine’s Day:

  • CTR flown on 116%
  • Open rate raised on 40%
  • Conversion rate grown on 58%

There is no need to go far, you can make this ingenious experiments with Supsystic Newsletter Plugin.
You can set needed time with Automated Newsletters and pick up results with Newsletter Statistics feature.

What unstandard ideas have you brought to life?

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