Newbie Contact Forms Review

Hi to everyone!

This time I decided to make unstandard thing – looked through some unfamous plugins of beginning developers. It brought a bouquet of different emotions to me. Some of them surprised with simple and effective decisions, some with interface. So now I’m sharing it with you. I took plugins in random order and tried them in

  • Installation, activation, tutorial existence and welcome screen
  • Working logic, functionality and simplicity
  • Working speed

Check is there ability to

  • Add custom fields
  • Choose field types, Google reCaptcha
  • Change styles of the contact form
  • Create several forms with one plugin
  • Browse submits of contact form

Whether I make you interested? In order to understand these parameters, I used the scale from 5 to 1 point for my marks of each parameter.

Let’s begin the journey!

AP Contact Form

  • 3 for workability
  • 2 for functionality
  • 4 for design

Right after installing – there is no welcome screen or something like that. Also, step-by-step tutorial doesn’t exist. Not vital, but where is the service?

The plus that plugin has very easy and understandable appearance, convenient documentation. Unluckily for me, as so I couldn’t find ability to add new fields and swap created fields. And the most awful – to delete fields. When this feature is absence, it is difficult for users to explore contact form.

Very nice try to produce the plugin, but it can suit only for lazy pro user.



  • 0 for both workability and usability
  • 5 for functionality. If you could make plugin work it would be almost on Supsystic Contact Form level.
  • 5 for design. I remembered my juvenility!


No Welcome Screen, no tutorials

But it’s ok with so nice interface like in the Joomla Era (maybe some dinosaurs remember that Era :))

It is making me nervous – Red text Your ChronoForms installation on XXXXXX is NOT validated, the number of published forms has been limited to 1 form only per website.



No info or links how to validate ChronoForms and why do I need to do it?
So the first impression – something wrong with plugin. And the second “Guys want my money for the second form?”

The second impression – very powerful and twisted. Try to click “preview” and got warning, that I need to Save form first.
Try to save and can’t as got warning “A form title is required and should NOT have any spaces or special characters”
But where’s that Form Title?! If I’ve already created it, why I there’s no warning due creation?

But the functions is very and very powerful. Validation, Placeholders, Position anything you need
Fortunately, can find the place to set the title, that’s why couldn’t create workable example.

This form is ideal to let you and your kids play with it and study how to created forms and what mistakes can be made by developers, that can block plugin work and needs urgent repairing.

Contact Form Builder For WordPress : #1 Free Contact Us Form Builder By Core37

  • 3 for workability
  • 5+ functionality. Very good
  • 1 for usability and 4 for design
  • Special bonus – I got a lot of pleasure

Yes, long-name-called plugin. I hope that usability and functionality of plugin is equal of the length of the name.

When I started form builder – I saw a lot of space (on the 27 and more monitors users will not be able to find an interface at all) with an empty form in the center. Hint for developers Type something to help user understand what to do drag or click or close and forgot?

After several minutes, I understand that I need drag and drop elements from the left sidebar to the form in the center. On the 15 inch notebook it’s far-far away, on the 27 and more – users need to make some rest due dragging.

The icons on the form … they are lilliputian, you need some RFID marks to find them. just check it by yourself



Finally try to save and that happened again! Maybe contact form developers Myst fans? I got message “Please enter a name for your form” and couldn’t found where’re type the name of the form!
I try to follow link on the warning


to add field name. Just click on the From menu and there’re you’ll find Form Name field.
One more time – don’t hide actions users need to do!

Another Fail – when you click Dashboard, you’re in the Main WordPress dashboard, as you’re working with plugin and it’s better to navigate user in the plugin dashboard

Hint for developers If you have some important information, make it visible!
If you show Save button, but Save process can’t be finish till you check or fill some fields or values, make that things visible as the Save buttons. In other case user need to browse sections to find “what’re hell they want from me?”

The great example how is usability can destroy your idea. On the other hand usability is the main part of idea. Like an interface between idea and real world. Yes, another one plugin to teach on young test execution specialists.

Contact Form By A WP Life

  • 5 for workability
  • 2 functionality
  • 4 for usability
  • 3+ for design

This plugin is good enough for WordPress newcomers, who has only one page. It doesn’t have step-by-step tutorial or welcome page, but okay, experienced users will understand working principles of it 😉

Installation is dead standard – the same as for any WP plugin. Current plugin works quickly and as it should. Can’t see anything special. Only three tabs on the left panel to manage Contact Form made me feel patient – ‘cause no chance to get lost. Plugin by A WP Life has a clear ability to see submitted forms data.


Working Logic – Firstly Publish the form, then edit. Have you thought, that some users may come up and begin to fill it in?

It’s quick – nothing to load.

Functionality is the poorest, I’ve ever seen – submit options are only in paid version, subscription settings are absent. Yes, it allows you to create interesting and simple color combinations, but only with one template and only one shortcode to insert into the site content. Thus you will have ability to create only one contact form with only one template. Besides you can set only 5 or 10 or 25 or 50 or 100 or 200 or 250 number of rows to display on the page. No fields to delete, move or ability to edit their type. Besides, can’t find any field types as radio button, checkbox, file upload or something else, except of text and email types.



In the case you have landing page site with single and forever design for any time and causes – it will be a mediocre variant for your.
Don’t see any reason to buy pro version with submitting settings, when you can download lot of plugins with them in free version.


Contact Form By A WP Life

NM Contact Forms

  • 5 for workability
  • 3+ functionality
  • 4 for usability
  • 0 for design

Installation is classic. No tutorial, but some welcome-donate message above and “Save all form” button. I’m sorry, which forms? I’m just recently installed the plugin…
Plugin works logically, but I doubt about buttons name logic – when you want to save contact form there is “Save Forms” button and a little below there is another one button – “Save all forms”. If I have only one form – what is the difference? Or I need to click both of them after making changes

Contact form works really fast, my eyes are not able to mention any loading process. It deserves 5 from 5 points. In average it works very simple and submitted form results you can see on your email.

Comparing with previous plugins, this one allows to add new fields, set it’s types and swap them around. Google ReCaptcha is present too. But couldn’t create several fields in one row. In addition, there is no preview, and when I come to the front end I found contact form fields has weird size, some points on the left side and stucking success message



You may say, it is because of the cache plugin. No-no-no, i don’t have it at all!

I marked Design with 0 point, because, there is no design, design settings or tools to change form styles were found…

And when i thought that’s all, I can press “X” button to close form and begin new one, the created form was deleted with any preventing message…. What the hell is going on? Who created so cruel deletion there?
Generally talking, most of people buy or submit something only because of beautiful appearance and design. It would be a nice try for this plugin developers to see some videos about ui and ux design in order to make a real best seller.


NM Contac Form X Button

Contact Form By Edmon


  • 4 for workability
  • 3+ functionality
  • 5+ for usability
  • 1 for design


Deleting field stucks


No essential for well skilled users, but if you are going to declare this plugin as very simple, that first time users like the most, it will not work without welcome screen and step-by-step description after first installation.
A big pity that there is only one type of the field to create – text area. In fact, number field is just a field with banal restriction. Also if you delete submit button no warning message will appear, after you save the form – there is no ability to add submit button even if it wasn’t deleted. The toy of the month – Contact Form without submit button!

This contact form creating has needed potential to develop more featured plugin in the future, especially due to good managed tabs above. Very nice to see that fields can be moved from the one place to another and ability to create several forms in ne plugin. If the issue with submit button will be fixed, this form will be enough to subscribe to simple newsletter, but for steep sites with multiple functions it will not suit at all.
Also, hope that some design options will appear too.



Reading all of this reviews of the Contact Form plugins, it’s easy to see that even not perfect contact form can be useful in real life. Different products can satisfy different needs. Sometimes is better and workable to do not perfect, but complete product, than perfect, but done on 50%.

The highest mark was given to Contact Form By A WP Life: 14+ points from 20 – as most ready for your site and with needed minimal functions to collect users. However it still has options to improve. Let’s clap your hands for newbies works – I believe they tried to make their best.

Thank you for attention.

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