Need A Logo For Your Site? Create It!

Logo Name

As you know, the development of history is cyclical and human ideas recur throughout in our minds. That’s why no wonder you occasionally see similar design ideas in different companies. Many-many designers in a lot of design companies try to think of how to create for you unique and memorable logotype, but anyway they are crushing sometimes. So I think you can create a logotype not worse than all that designers, especially if your company is not intercontinental.

First thing you need to figure out is “who is my customers” and second is “what I want to say to my customers”. You surely won’t make a logo with flowers for building company or some dark grim logo for environment company. Your logo must associate with your product or your idea and when somebody sees your logo at the first time he must get, what your company does.

Color palette


Look at your site, what background does it have? Contrast is very important: if your header is in dark colors your logotype must be light and vice versa. Better for you to make the logo with a transparent background to prevent you from redoing the logo. To pick up colors for your logo you can use one of online pickers, for example, Adobe Color Wheel or Coolors are very simple and fast. And don’t use too much of colors: 2 or 3 ones would be enough.

Geometric forms

Logo formats

Preferable logo forms are square and circle. This form is easy to use for responsive sites because they look great on smartphones and tablets. You may create a few versions of your logo: square for your site and rectangular one for papers, business cards, branded products.

To be sure your logotype looks great on the different carriers you may download different templates of empty bags, t-shirts, cards or even cars and place your logo on them. Find these templates, for instance, here or here. Or take a real photo and use Photoshop to try logo on.

What to draw


Your logo could be made of words or letters, or of an icon, or you may use their combination. You probably know many instances when logos become a famous using even 1 abstract symbol, as well as some companies created their own recognizable font. And that’s great news! Your logotype must be simple and without excess. And to make simple logo use the minimum of colors, fonts and details.

Font of your logo must be readable to let everyone read it almost on a small logo. Besides, it must be coupled with your corporate identity: funny font is a bad choice for a law firm or a state company.

Online logomakers

It’s the simplest way to make a logo by yourself. Various online services can help you to create any logo by your taste. In any of these constructors, you can choose many customization options: a color, size, position of details, font and background for your logo. Also, you may select one of the examples and change it as you want.

Where are some of these online constructors:

Bottom line

Logo creating is quite a simple thing, online editors let you make a logo very fast and easy. You just have to become creative. And don’t forget, that your logo must be unique and different from logotype of your competitor. Surely, be careful to create some logotype with bitten apple or with a capital ' W', for example.

Don’t worry if your logo is not so perfect as you expected, you can try to redesign it anytime. Did you make any interesting logo? Or maybe you know any stories about logo success?

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