Make Yourself A WordPress Developer

WP developer

You should know that WordPress development is a quite hard work, and to become a developer, you have be plodding and be ready to spend a lot of time on the learning even simple skills. Here are some the most important steps for your learning and no one is simple or fast. Here’re we go.

Why you may want to be a developer?

Talking about development as a profession, not like “I created my first blog, so now I’m developer” case, but about the deal it will be taking a lot of your time and energy. To earn a big money in it, you have to be highly qualified professional and if you want it, you may start to apply some recommendations, mentioned in this article. Sure, you may stand on average level and beсome one of the many-many other average developers and earn average benefit. The more experience you are, the more primary clients you can get, and the more you can influence on the WordPress evolving.


More advanced developers spend some time daily to upgrade their skills, for example, through reading news on official sites and blogs. You also may check news on or at WordPress community on Reddit to keep abreast of WP developments and updates. Daily learning should become your new skill, instead of party, TV or spending time in social networks. Start from 1-hour-per-day learning and build on this time periods. Just put your gadgets off and focus on reading.

It will be great to put your notepad next to you to write there all important and interesting things you’ve read. And try to spend more time for day-to-day reading.

To fall in this sphere and to know last news and trends in WP follow WordPress developers and absorb their experience: Cory Miller, Bill Erickson, Joost de Valk (Yoast SEO plugin creator), Jeff Starr, Justin Tadlock, Matt Mullenweg. Follow them, for instance, on Twitter or Facebook, look through their blogs to find more beneficial information.

WordPress education

The most common education method is reading original sources, WordPress Codex, I mean. Here you’ll find essential instructions about WP installing and customization, as well as tutorials about plugins and theme development. Many books about WP development are at your disposal too. There are over 3000 of them on the about WordPress.

Home office

Another way for studying is reading sites about WordPress development, like

Now WordPress is one of the biggest platforms for site building, and naturally many people want to study WordPress. Therefore, many educational sites have their own programs with WP learning lectures and courses. More detailed about these sources you may read in Sylvester Lund review at this acticle: Site Building Without HTML And CSS Knowing.

It will be good for you to look through discussions about WP development on their, particularly design, plugins, themes, mobile development and others.

To start with WordPress, you need to know at least HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP and MySQL. When you know basic things, you may study the way WordPress Core works: all WP hooks, functions, classes, methods described for better understanding and learning.

Improve your knowledges

But no matter how much time you spend for reading, if you don’t use your knowledge on practice, you’re not moving highter. After tutorials reading improve that things you read by making a new plugin, for example. Or anything else, just make your experiments, just try to do anything except reading.

WP development

In fact, to be a good WP developer, you need a lot of experience, a lot of coding practice. And the best way to start making it quickly and qualitatively is to make WordPress sites for other people. And it doesn’t matter, you do it for friends for free or for clients who pay you money, because clients give you the issues that never aimed to yourself.

You should know, you are a good or bad developer to estimate yourself critically, so be brave to exhibit your theme or plugin and listen to the feedback your code users will give you. Following these feedbacks, you will probably make some improvement in your code, so you will need to make a patch. These instructions will help you with it.

And the last, you need to be perfect in debugging, so maybe these articles about debugging and most common WP bugs can be useful for you.


Hope, your wish to be WordPress developer is not a caprice, but a considered decision. These steps can help you to upgrade in development faster and get needed skills in the most profitable way. All these reading books, blogs and instructions are very important, but they are nothing without practice. Be persistent and you’ll get over it! Maybe you’re already good in it? Share your experience with us.

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