Let’s Make Your Site Faster!


Some site owners think the more content on their site, the better for site. But it depends on what kind of content they mean. Numerous videos, pictures, flash-animationÑ– and files on their site make site very heavy. And if visitors have to wait more than 3 seconds to see the page with site content, it’s owners will see a small traffic and therefore lose in sales or in popularity in the near future or even now.

It is reality of gadgets age: mobile devices spend more time to load a website, and not many persons want to wait until site will be loaded. And that’s why rule Mobiles First is very important in web development.

Thus to save your responsibility and money follow the next simple rules.

Enable cache for your site

While you are trying to enter the site, browser firstly load all files with information and content of the page – this operation takes much time. But if your website has cache enabled, the browser will memorize all that information and in the next time will load your site much more faster. One of the most popular WP plugins is W3 Total Cache can help you deal with it. Besides this plugin has caching optimization as the one of key features.


Find a suitable hosting

It fact, there are a lot of hosting providers, but you need the one that guarantees uninterrupted work and high speed for your site. You can test your hosting server speed by using one of it’s services. If you already have a hosting provider you can test it by Bitcatcha. It has good testing system as well as web hosting reviews: for example, there is an interesting research about The 9 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms 2017. Also service PickupHost has own Web Hosting Speed Test you can use for free.

Database optimization

If you want to speed up your site you need to take care about it’s database. You need to clean junk periodically, because it takes a lot of space on your server, thus makes loading of your site more slowly. And this boring operation may be easier if you use one of the well-established WordPress plugins: Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions plugin, WP-Optimize plugin or Advanced Database Cleaner.

Avoid 404 pages

There’s no difference for your site between one page or one file was missed, anyway if it doesn’t find required data on the server, it generates 404 page. It limits loading of the site and in the result declines the site attendance. It will be good for you to check whether all pages are displayed correctly and all files have existing links.


To check “broken” links automatically try one of the online services, for example Broken Link Checker, Dead Link Checker or W3C Link Checker.

Image size optimization

Images may take a lot of memory, sometimes they can be the most heavy elements on the website page, so you need to compress them as much as it possible. Make it easy with one of the excellent WordPress plugins. Most popular one is Smush Image Compression and Optimization, very powerful and easy-to-use. Another one is Imagify Image Optimizer, that has useful interface and many features. Also you may use compression plugin from Tiny PNG or make compression on their site.

There is one more effective way to optimize images on your site. You may contact your developers and upload images to the site by Image Sprites technology. That means many little images are placed on the one picture, so in order to show each little images you just need to use CSS. This simple trick increases the speed of uploading very much, because users don’t need to load a lot of small images, they just load only one big picture!

As you see, there are a lot of simple tips&tricks to make your site faster, and these actions cost very little, but have a great positive impact for your website promotion, specially for persons who use gadgets to visit your site. If you doubt about your site speed whether it is high or not, you can check it by the next service supported by Google.

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