How To Find Free Photo For Commercial Use: 9 Sources I Liked


Are you looking for interesting and high-quality, but free photo for your blog? If you’re not professional photographer it would be difficult for you to find suitable and fine photo or illustration to complete your article.

I know about such difficulties to find excellent photos and pictures for commercial use (or CC0) so I hope I can help you to find them, just look through this list of sites with high-quality, free photos I usually use. I chose these sites from numerous repositories of photos, images and illustrations for you, so I hope you’ll like them, because I know how much time it takes to find perfect picture.

1. Pixabay


One of the best sources I often use. Excellent quality of these photos, images, videos, vector graphics and illustrations make this site one of the most popular sources for anybody’s blog content. Wonderful pictures with convenient search. Pictures are sorted by categories and users who made them.

Visit site:


2. One million free pictures


Topper, amateur photo blogger created this site to let everybody use his photos totally free. No payments, no watermarks, no registration. He says he’s not professional, but his pictures are amazing and very interesting. As he wrote, he had provided these photos free “to provide an alternative source of free images for those who cannot afford to purchase or buy from commercial stock photo websites”. Many amateur but very interesting pictures.

Visit site:


3. Public Domain Archive


One more site with big archive of CC0 license photos. All photos very quality and can be used for free. Besides that, site has very convenient allocation by categories. I may say photographers who provide photos to this site have original vision for many ordinary things and I usually use exactly this site to complete my article with interesting, but not ordinary photos.

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4. Viintage


Oh, that’s wonderful source. Lots of vintage pictures, photos and posters are available on the site. If you need to complement your article or post with original old picture you should visit this site. If you’re designer you’ll find a lot of great ideas of illustrating or development of the posters. Some friends of mine draw inspiration on this site because they think old artists had better imagination.

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5. PublicDomainPictures


Free low-quality photo is available, but if you want premium quality you have to pay. Most part of photos are very common, but you can easily use them in you articles. Also if you want to share your pictures can upload them through your account. This service also gives helpful advices how to take a good professional picture, you can see these tutorials at here.

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6. SplitShire


Here you can find great high-quality photos and even videos for commercial use. Founder of this site, Daniel Nanescu says: “I created SplitShire with the simple aim of giving life to my photographs that would have gone into oblivion without any utility… I make it so easy to get my shots that any and everyone can use SplitShire, from designers, bloggers, website creators, social marketing gurus, companies.”

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7. PDPics


PDPics is the big repository of amateur pictures. It will be perfect for you if you need some realistic not retouched images. All these photos look very good although they have been taken by unprofessional photographers.

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8. Unsplash


Really great high-resolution photos from 41,872 professional photographers. You may follow some of them or subscribe and see all new everyday’s images or favorite collections’ updates. Here you can find marvelous works have made using Unsplash, particularly websites, apps, articles and use all that for your inspiration. This site similar to some social network for photography-lovers.

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9. Gratisography


This is one more personal project from professional photographer, Ryan McGuire. Images look quite strange and unusual, so you hardly may use them in news posts or some serious articles, but these pictures may become great illustrations for any fantasy or original post. Strange photos :). But you’ll like it.

Visit site:

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