Explaining Video Advantages For Your Site

Or in other words, why you may wish to add video to your site content, if it still absent.

Just remember your last attempt to study new functional of new plugin, WP theme, JavaScript technology, SQL or your fist acquaintanceship with something that was unfamiliar for you before. Was it easy? Did you find the solution from the first attempt? Did that resource had a video tutorial? Have you noticed, how text keeps the silence while video talks with you? Let’s talk about real needs – about your new workers, clients and site visitors. Sometimes, it’s not so easy to understand internet technologies, till you see them on your on eyes. ‘Cause 91% of the info we get from this reality comes from eyes. Also, it’s much quicker to see book filming then read it.

What is Explaining Video?

For example you have a site that sells water filters and filter cartridges. And average newbie comes to buy it, gets and don’t know how to install it. You can write the brilliant documentation with perfect instructions, you product can be ideal, but most likely you client will make a refund. Or you can simply add explaining video to you site to show this instruction in 5 minutes and get happy client.

Besides, you can add a video with you happy story telling client, whose life improved in several times after purchase of your product. In can meet both personal and user requirements at the same time. Interested? There some others –

Increase SEO

Conversion Of The Site

Videos, especially explaining ones, can serve you very well, if you optimize them to the search engines. Just imagine +10 points to rant your content. Moreover site guests will stuck on videos, spending more time on your site and soon luckily convert.

A video paints a thousand words

Every word we type and speak has different meanings for difficult people. That’s why statistics in psychological researches shows that it’s in 60k times easier to understand and remember visual content info longer then boring text.

Explaining videos a mostly sheared


If you analyze most shared videos via social networks, you will find out that 85% of them are explaining something. Actually, it doesn’t mean your team have to stop producing other video types. But it tells that people like adding helpful content for themselves and for others.

More videos – more trust

Accordingly to Animoto’s research, 58% customers finding videos on your site, will trust you more. It’s like they can see what your team think about, how you work on targets and projects or how produce ideas.

Videos are easier to adopt

Adopting Easy

One quarter potential customers, that come to you site will lose interest to info it contain and will never return in most causes. It happens due to magnificent videos property to explain your products easier and more attractively.


Now you can see the main advantages of adding explaining videos to your site content. No matter how they work, or why your videos are shared accordingly to statistics facts, they make many for you and bring huge constructive impact on your target auditory.

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