Easy Ways to Sell Your Car in Dubai Efficiently

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Here are 8 simple steps that will help you turn your used car into cash. Everything from pricing to advertising and negotiating is covered in this short, easy-to-follow process.

Steps to Selling Your Car

  1. Check and Study the Market
  2. Make a Good Price for your Car
  3. Give Your Car “Curb Appeal”
  4. Advertise your car online
  5. Create an Attractive Ad
  6. Car Viewing
  7. Do Negotiation for Best Price
  8. Finalize the Sale
  9. After the Sale

Step 1: Check and Study the Market

Is your car going to be anything but difficult to sell? Is it a hot product? Or on the other hand will you need to drop your cost and search out extra ways to sell it?

Here are a couple of general standards to respond to these inquiries:

  • Family cars, while unexciting to many, are in consistent interest by individuals requiring essential, modest transportation.
  • The clearance of convertibles and sports cars is regular. Bright climate draws out the purchasers. Fall and winter months will be moderate.
  • Trucks and vans, utilized for work, are enduring venders and direction aggressive costs. Try not to disparage their worth.
  • Authority cars will take more time to sell and are regularly hard to cost. Be that as it may, these cars can have startling worth on the off chance that you locate the correct purchaser.

Your initial step is to beware of line ordered promotions to perceive how much different dealers are requesting your kind of cars. Remember that vendors will host unexpected costs in comparison to private gathering postings. The Dubizzle classifieds and other Internet locales enable you to look with explicit criteria. For instance, select the year and trim degree of your car and perceive what number of comparative autos are right now available. Observe their condition, mileage, geographic area and selling cost so you can list your car at a value that will sell it rapidly

Step 2: Make a Good Price for your Car

When you have reviewed the on-line classified advertisements, check all of the car prices that are matching to your car and select the best price for your car. Compare your car with other cars and check what extra things you have in your car, how your car is different from other cars like your cars body, engine, tyres, suspension etc. If you feel that your car has all the extraordinary things and your car is in perfect condition than decide a best price that compete the other cars available for sale in the market. This helps you in catching more people as everyone is looking for quality and best price.

In addition to selecting perfect price always keep in mind to add price a little higher than your expectations if you are selling your car in AED-18000 Dirhams (dhs) then try to add price of AED-19500 Dirhams (DHS). (This currency is only for cars that you are selling in Dubai or any state of United Arab Emirates). This is because when people see your car price they will ask you for the negotiation no one gives the exact amount that you mention on your advertisement. Everyone ask you for the negotiation so keep this in mind while placing your advertisement.

Step 3: Give Your Car Great Look

At the point when people come to take a look at your car, they will most likely make up their brains to get it or not inside the initial couple of moments. This depends on their first take a look at the car. So you need this first appear to be sure. You need your car to have “great and clean look.”

Before you place and Ad of your car for sale, ensure it looks perfect and appealing. This goes past simply taking it to the car wash. Here is a plan for the day to assist you with transforming your store into a cream puff:

  • Wash and vacuum the car and consider having it nitty gritty.
  • Ensure your car is both precisely solid and free from imprints, dings and scratches.
  • Consider making minimal effort fixes yourself instead of selling it “as it stands.”
  • Scoop out all the garbage from within the car. That way, when a forthcoming purchaser goes for a test-drive, they can envision the car as theirs.
  • Wipe the brake dust off the wheel covers and treat the tires with a tire gleam item.
  • Completely spotless the windows (all around) and all the reflected surfaces.
  • Wipe down the dashboard and void the ashtrays.
  • Have all your support records prepared to show imminent purchasers.
  • In the event that the car needs overhauling or even a normal oil change, deal with that before putting it available to be purchased.
  • Have your repairman look at the car and issue a report about its condition. You can utilize this to rouse a purchaser who is going back and forth.
  • Request a car history report and demonstrate it to the purchaser to demonstrate the car’s title is spotless and the odometer perusing is exact.

Step 4: Where to Advertise & Sell Your Car

Now your car is looking Great, stunning and running well, now it’s time to advertise your car over the internet like classified websites, or newspapers or you can also use social media like Facebook, Instagram to sell your car easily. Here if you are selling your car in Dubai, you can use these platforms to Sell Any Car:

  • You can use Car selling websites like Automall, Dubizzle, Car Switch, Yalla Motors, Dubai Cars etc.
  • Social Media Platform you can use to sell your car are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Place your Ad on car selling Groups, pages and ask in your friends contact list.
  • Car Selling websites companies such as Sell any Car, Expat car Buyers, car Sell zone, Car Switch etc will helps you out in selling your car in Dubai.
  • Online Car Forums
  • Tell to your friends if they have anyone looking to buy the car.
  • Put a small paper on your car by mentioning “Car For Sale”.

Keep in mind if you are placing your ad make sure that you are available to attend the call or receive the messages and reply back on messages. Now a days you can also use Whatsapp Facility that will helps you to chat easily. Or Else you can mention the time of your receiving calls on the Ad so people will call you on the mentioned time.

Step 5: Create an Attractive Ad That Sell

Consider what you are telling individuals when you compose your advertisement. Little words pass on a great deal. Other than the value, your promotion ought to likewise incorporate the year, make, model and trim degree of the car you are selling alongside the mileage, shading, condition and well known alternatives.

While making “Available to be purchased” signs or putting an advertisement on the web, you have a chance to show that you are so anxious to sell the car. Do this with the accompanying condensings and expressions:


Must Sell!: This regularly implies the vender is leaving town and necessities to dump the car at a fire deal cost.

OBO: This means “or best offer” and it demonstrates that you are eager to engage offers beneath the expressed cost. This generally implies you are anxious to sell the car.

Asking value: This additionally conveys the inclination that you will arrange, yet it is one indent underneath OBO on the energy scale.

Firm: This word is utilized to rebuke endeavors to arrange. It shows that you aren’t in a rush to sell the car — you are generally keen on getting your cost.

Step 6: Car Viewing

There are numerous startling hindrances that can emerge while selling a trade-in car. These will be taken care of effectively in the event that you are managing a sensible individual. Along these lines, as you are reached by imminent purchasers, utilize your instinct to assess them. On the off chance that they appear to be troublesome, pushy or even obscure, hang tight for another purchaser. With the correct individual, selling a trade-in car ought to be basic.

A few dealers feel awkward about having purchasers gone to their home to see the car. Be that as it may, you can by and large screen purchasers on the telephone. In the event that they sound suspicious, don’t work with them. On the off chance that you don’t need individuals knowing where you live, orchestrate to show the car at a recreation center or strip mall close to your home. In any case, remember that individuals will in the end observe your location when you give the title up to them.

Remember that when you sell your car, individuals will likewise be assessing you. They will believe, “Here’s the individual who’s claimed this car for as far back as hardly any years. Do I confide in the person in question?” Buyers will most likely be uneasy about profiting. Set them straight and answer their inquiries transparently.

Potential purchasers will need to test-drive the car. If all else fails, check to ensure they have a driver permit. Ride alongside them so you can respond to any inquiries regarding the car’s history and execution. Likewise, they may not know the territory, so you may need to control them.

A few purchasers will need to take the car to a repairman to have it investigated. On the off chance that you have a review report from your specialist, this may put their questions to rest. Be that as it may, in the event that regardless they need to take the car to their specialist, this is a sensible solicitation. At this point, you ought to have an inclination for the individual’s reliability. On the off chance that you feel awkward or have motivation to figure they will take the car, decay the offer or oblige them.

Be prepared for stunt addresses, for example, “In this way, what’s truly amiss with the car?” If you get this, allude them to the specialist’s report or welcome them to investigate the car all the more cautiously.

Step 7: Negotiate for Your Best Price

If buyer visits you to view the car and passes the car after the test drive and checking all the body conditions you can expect an offer from them. A great many people are awkward arranging, so their opening offer may take a few forms.

“I like the car, but…” This is the gentlest method to consult on the cost. They may not express that the value appears to be excessively high. In the event that they state, “I like the car, but…” and afterward slip by into awkward quiet, you should seriously mull over a suitable reaction. On the off chance that you truly need to move the car, you could state, “What amount would you pay?”

“What’s your best value?” This is a more straightforward approach to test the vender to discover the amount the individual will descend. In the event that you get this from a forthcoming purchaser, don’t appear to be too anxious to even consider reducing your cost.

“Would you accept…?” Now we’re getting some place. This purchaser has thoroughly considered it and is making an offer. Be that as it may, the offer is being exhibited in a gracious way intended to take into account a counter offer.

“Accept the only choice available.” This purchaser is making an offer that as far as anyone knows rules out a counter offer. In all actuality, this purchaser may be feigning. All things considered, they are communicating something specific that they are near their last cost. The best way to know without a doubt whether it truly is an “accept the only choice available” offer is to leave it — and let them leave. They may return tomorrow prepared to address your cost.

The above are only a couple of the openers you may experience. Think about your reactions early so you won’t be gotten ill-equipped. As a rule, it’s a smart thought to hold to your cost when your car initially goes available to be purchased. In the event that you don’t get any purchasers immediately, you’ll realize you must be adaptable about the cost.

On the off chance that you post an online promotion you may get individuals attempting to arrange by means of email. The issue with this is they haven’t seen the car yet. In the event that you markdown the cost by email, they may request another value decrease after they’ve assessed it. Rather, react by saying, “Come see the car first and afterward we can examine the cost.”

Step 8: Finalize the Sale

Before handovering the car check all the things that you need for selling the car like transfer process of the car you can check this from RTA website about all the details of the process of selling your car in Dubai.

When handovering your car its important to mention that “I am selling this car to the the “seller name” and from the current date to onward i will be the not responsible person of this car if any incident happens i will not take any responsibility


When selling your car, it’s important to limit your liability. If someone drives away in the car you just sold and they get into an accident, can you be held responsible? There are two ways to deal with this concern.

Finally remember to contact your insurance company for all other procedures of canceling insurance etc. and transfer your car ownership to the seller.


  • Consider market factors affecting the sale of your car (don’t try to sell a convertible in the winter), for example.
  • Check online classified ads to see what others in your area are asking for your type of car.
  • Give your car “curb appeal” by cleaning and detailing it. Fix any problems or drop the price and sell it “as is.”
  • Check for sell any car Dubai based companies
  • Consider buying a car history report, or getting a mechanic’s inspection report to show prospective buyers.
  • Create a “For Sale” sign for your car window.
  • Post an eye-catching online classified advertisement.
  • Make yourself available to answer calls from potential buyers.
  • Arrange to show the car to prospective buyers.
  • Negotiate your best selling price by knowing the market and not dropping your price too quickly. Be patient. Don’t let yourself be pressured.
  • Collect payment for the car by getting a cashier’s check or cash.
  • Finalize the sale by fulfilling all state motor cars department paperwork to transfer ownership and limit your liability.
  • Remove all personal items from your car before the new owner drives it away.
  • If you have any questions as you sell your car, please reach out to the Edmunds.com Live Help team for free assistance. They’ll work hard to make experience trouble free.


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