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The times of followings had begun. Everybody wants to follow or be followed by smb. Also to capture more followers site must have a good rating parameters for Searching Systems like Google. Thus, the higher your rate the more followers you can find, and, the more followers clicked on your page, the more rating you get. If the situation is opposite it looks like a terrible loop with no exit to the top button. To break the circle and raise to the stars study next variations of popup to place.

Top or Bottom Notification Bar

This simple, unpretentious kind of Popup will 100% sure be noticed by site visitors. Also it softly scrolls down with the page while guest is reading the article from the one side and notificates everybody who see it with awesome message you want to tell visitors. The more people see it, the more conversion will be. Nevertheless, this Bar Popup message contain call to action content or server like long invitation card, if you compare the conversion before and after update – you will like the results.

One firm, called “DIYthemes” tried this variant and gained 1180 extra Subscribers for the first month. Do you wanna try it now? See more here/

When user gets to the end of the article or post

Still have a little number of subscribers? Maybe you have never tried to locate popup in the end of the content? Imagine your client is coming on your site and want to find some info, right after everything read it’s appropriate time to to show popup and ask for subscription or offer a perfect deal for giving email. It works good, because you are not interrupting the user’s movement and adjusting on his/her plan. Also your site visitors, who came here with unwilling mood to subscribe will agree with your proposals.

To tune this kind of Supsystic Pop Up, move to Main Setting Tab, in “When to show popup” find Scroll the window. How much percents of page you need to scroll to see the end of the article? Set it there.

Welcome Golden Gate

Everybody knows, that Main page of every site is the most popular and authoritative. Therefore it is suitable enough to elevate new subscribers by popup. Thinking popup may be like a Barrier against content? Be creative and think positive! Just like you entering a luxury or a very friendly place hosts people greet you and ask to come inside, you can provide the same variant of popup. Such ingenious simple trick can raise your subscribe conversion on 51.7%.

Anyway, to set Welcome popup on the needed place explore Layered Pop Up Style.

Right / Left Sidebar

Best Popup Placement

Your site is rather bright? Any child can spend years while see all around? Always thinking, how to make people notice something new? And even when site looks like a Christmas tree you want to gather subscribers? You can set popup on the one side with special scroll, it’s width and appearance. Thus people both can read your content and see popup increasing subscribers list on 26%.

In the case you have questions or issues to solve, let us know http://supsystic.com/contact-us/ . We are always ready to realize your ideas!

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  • Hi!

    Thank you for the article.
    But, I didn’t catch, if I set popup on scroll, will it improve it’s CTR?
    Also when to analyze and react on the statistics of popup conversion?

    Thank you!

  • I think, to insert popup on the main page is good idea, but not for everybody. Also adjustments must be corect in order not to irritate visitors.

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